INDY DESMO Owners Club - iDesmo - Indianapolis, Indiana

4629 northwestern dr - zionsville - 46077- IN- united states

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INDY DESMO Owners Club Inc. is located in Indianapolis, Indiana USA. Our Club is an officially recognized DOC (Desmo Owners Club) by the Ducati Factory. Being a member of an Official DOC means you enjoy exclusive privileges and can participate in the multiplicity of events organized by the club and Ducati that are reserved for club members only: dinner parties with Ducati Corse riders in the hospitality area, discounts on AMA, WSBK and MotoGP tickets and on the Ducati Grandstand Seating (Project Mugello), Ducati very own seating and parking at the Red Bull Indianapolis GP. With your club membership you'll also be able to visit - exclusively and for free only for DOC members - the Ducati Museum and Factory, enjoy discounts on official products at the Factory Shop... and much much more. Club membership is not exclusive to Ducati Ownership. Whatever brand or discipline you ride our club is seeking your membership. If you have a love and passion for motorcycling then you’ve come to the right place.
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